Asuka Ito is an internationally known composer, orchestrator, and arranger. She has dedicated her entire life to her passion for music, movies, and video games. 


Born into a family who worked in international business, Asuka traveled often throughout her childhood. Not long after beginning her training in Tokyo, Asuka moved with her family to France, Turkey, and New York (U.S.) and was exposed to Classical, Middle Eastern, and Jazz music. For Asuka, these diverse cultural approaches to music were a major inspiration. 


Immediately after graduating University, Asuka was hired as an in-house composer for Nintendo.Co.ltd., where she began work with Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto and Mr. Koji Kondo, the legendary producer and composer of Super Mario and Zelda series. These experiences led to her being chosen to score major Nintendo games such as Super Smash Bros. WiiU, Pilotwings Resort 3DS, Tomodachi Life 3DS, Rhythm Heaven Wii/3DS/DS, and Style Savvy: Trendsetters 3DS. 


Her passion for cinema and her ability to craft powerful evocative soundtracks then inspired Asuka to move to Los Angeles in 2014 and to establish herself as a creative force in the Hollywood film industry. Her work thus far includes composing tracks for iMovie (Apple.Inc) , orchestrating for “Kung Fu Yoga” (starring Jackie Chan), orchestrating for the live performance of “Hans Zimmer Live Tour 2016-2017”, and doing additional writing for Netflix Original mini series "The Queen's Gambit" (composer : Carlos Rafael Rivera).  She is the winner of Best Original Soundtrack for the feature film “Another Yesterday” at Central States Indie Fan Film Fest, and a nominee of Excellence in Music at US Hollywood International Film Festival, among many other awards and nominations.  

Asuka currently resides in Los Angeles. She speaks English, French, and Japanese.