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Original Music for Films / TV

​管理官キング (TV drama, 2022)

Boy's Surface (Short, 2019)

STAGE ハムレットの贖罪 (youtube series, 2019)

Another Yesterday (Feature, 2018)

漂流ポスト / The Drifting Post (Short, 2018)

Kamila the Last Doll (Short Animation, 2018)

John Biel Returns : A Visit to the Volga German Villages (Documentary, 2017)

Two Forts (Short, 2017)

Over (Short Animation, 2016)

Reflex Camera (Short Animation, 2015)

Tea House (Short, 2015)

Factory, City and Van Gogh (Documentary, 2015)

JIBi (Short Animation, 2015)

The Caterpillar Trail (Short, 2015)

Mannequin Girl (Short, 2011)

チョコレートンの冒険! (Web series for Meiji Seika Kaisha Co.,Ltd. 2006-2007)

こいのぼり (Feature, 2006)

Mary's Diet (Short Animation, 2005 / nominated for Japan Media Art Festival Award)


Original Music for Computer Games

In-House Composer Nintendo Co., Ltd.  2006-2014

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch, 2018) 

Rhythm Heaven Megamix (Nintendo 3DS, 2015) 

Super Smash Bros. for WiiU (Nintendo WiiU, 2014) 

Tomodachi Life (Nintendo 3DS, 2014)

Style Savvy : Trendsetters (Nintendo 3DS, 2012)

Pilotwings Resort (Nintendo 3DS, 2011)

Rhythm Heaven Fever (Nintendo Wii, 2011)

Photo Dojo (DSi, 2010)

Fossil Fighters (Nintendo DS, 2009)

Other Credits

"Griselda" (Netflix, to be announced) / additional writing

"Lessons in Chemistry" (Apple TV, 2023) / additional writing

"Chupa"(Netflix, 2023) / additional writing

"La Reina del Sur Season 3" (Telemundo / Netflix, 2022) / additional writing

"Christmas Again!?" (Disney Channel, 2021) / arranging

"Just Beyond" (Disney+, 2021) / additional writing

"Hacks" (HBO Max, 2021) / additional writing

"The Queen's Gambit (Netflix mini series, 2020) / additional writing

"Playing with Fire" (Feature, 2019) / score supervisor

"Los Rodríguez y el más allá" (Feature, 2019) / orchestrator

"Clips" (Apple Inc. official app) / composer for "ITSUDEMO" and "ASAGAO"

"Travel Like the Wind" (Feature animation, 2019) / orchestrator

Best Fiends : Baby Slug's Big Day Out (Short, 2018) / arranger

The Dreaming Man (Feature, 2017) / orchestrator

Wished (Feature, 2017) / arranger

Papa, can you hear me sing? (Musical, 2017) / orchestrator

Kung Fu Yoga starr.Jackie Chan(Feature Film, 2017) /orchestrator

微微一笑 starr.Angelababy (Feature Film, 2016) /orchestrator 

Hans Zimmer Live Tour (Live, 2016) /arranger

The Healer (Feature Film, 2015) /composer's assistant


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